Tenga Egg Variety 6 Pack Series 1

  • Description

The TENGA EGGs are super-stretchy single-use masturbators (if used with a carefully and , with lots of cleaning and lubrication they can be used more than once) stored inside a discreet premium egg-shape design.

Every single one features a different inside structure design.

The 2.5 inch male sex toy may look small, but it delivers big pleasure. The internal textured sleeve can accommodate up to 12 inches of shaft length and expand to around 8 inches in girth, taking the entirety of your penis.

Size: 7 cm, flexible diameter, fits all penis sizes.

Material: ABS/silicone.

Lubricant included.

Series 1 Six Pack includes

1 x Twister - With lines of swirling texture from top to bottom the Twister Egg provides deliciously squeezing orgasms with every stroke. Twist and turn it just right for a truly phenomenal orgasm.

1 x Stepper - Containing loads of rounded wedges that face in different directions the Stepper Egg provides constant stimulation with every stroke. The soft detailing massages the shaft of your penis, pulling you closer and closer to the orgasmic edge.

1 x Silky - This delicate male masturbator has amazing intertwining ribbons of pleasure that embrace your shaft and promise a deep and satisfying climax.

1 x Spider - Detailed throughout with a spider web patter the Spider Egg is incredibly stimulating. The texture provides all over pleasure, at any angle.

1 x Wavy - The large, soft wave envelop the entire head and shaft of your penis, creating remarkable sensations. The Wavy Egg will stretch out to surround you, and provide serious pleasure.

1 x Clicker - The patterned nodules and nubs of the Clicker come in different lots of different sizes and shapes to give you a satisfying texture. Stroke it up and down your shaft, twisting it to the left and right for mind-blowing results.