Verspanken Wavy Male Masturbator

Big Teaze Toys
  • Description

The new Big Teaze Toys masturbator creation: VerSpänken!

It's a unique, creatively designed men's toy line based on the brilliant idea of putting 2 FoamWieners - yes, that's what they call 'em!!!! - inside a plastic holder that snaps to keep them in place for a good stroke.

You can even heat them up (in a bowl of hot water) or cool them down (fridge) to add a little more thrill to the play.

Now, make up your mind on available versions: Smooth (blue), Bumpy (green) or Wavy (purple).

If you are the proud owner of several versions, you just play a mix with shapes!

It’s also great for couple play!

Plastic holder size: 22 cm.

Material: TPR, PP, free of phthalates according to EU regulation REACH.

Made of 100% recyclable materials, VërSpanken, like all Big Teaze Toys, contains no latex, phthalates, lead or heavy metals.