Bad Kitty Hip to Wrist Restraints

Bad Kitty
  • Description

Black restraint kit with all you need for the blind, fixed and ouch feeling. All straps are padded and fully adjustable as they close with Velcro. Y

ou can handle the centre strap like a belt and achieve a perfect fit and a perfect line to keep hands under control at the right place.

Features non-adjustable, rubber covered nipple clamps fixed to the belt strap to add the extra love pain.

The kit is topped off with a blindfold to increase the all-in-all love sensation.

Sizing: centre strap fits a hip size of 106 cm min. and 118 cm max. Nipple chain length: 30 cm. Straps width: 5 cm.

Materials: chain: metal (chromed), padding: foam (polyurethane), clamps: galvanized metal, eye mask: polyamide.