TENGA 3D Spiral Male Masturbator

  • Description

The Tenga 3D Spiral Male Masturbator is a soft yet firm, stretchy sleeve with internal winding hexagonal plates to provide mind-blowing stimulation.

As you stimulate from base to tip, the spiral form and and ribbed detailing will pleasure you like never before!

It can be used to create an incredible experience whether you're alone or with a partner. The ribbed, twisted canal lavishes incredible sensation on you with every stroke.

Take Spiral off of the stand and flip it inside out, squirt in some water-based lube and you're ready to enjoy one of the best male sex toy experiences available.

A sculpted ecstasy stroker that's been twisted to create spiral waves, this handheld male masturbator offers up twice the texture and twice the pleasure with every stroke thanks to its innovative design.

The stroker measures 4.75 inches deep with a diameter of 0.5 inches, but the stretchy properties of the sex toy material yield to both your length and girth.

Tighten your grip to further accentuate the perfect fit of this sensational male masturbator.

Once used: wash and air on the stand included before returning it to the case provided for safe, hygienic drying.

Made from antibacterial elastomer to suppress the build-up of bacteria, you're assured of a super-hygienic experience.

A sample of TENGA lube is located in the base of the display case for maximum enjoyment.

Why not try warming this Japanese sex toy for men in a bowl of warm water before use for an even better experience?