TENGA Ultra Size Edition Soft Tube Onacup

  • Description

The TENGA Ultra Size Edition Deep Throat Onacup is specially designed for the larger man.

These have one of the tightest feels of all male sex toys because of the extraordinary vacuum effect. This design promises an intense orgasm.

Special valves within the Onacup create a high-pressure vacuum for the most a realistic blow-job feel.

A combination of large and small nubs in the middle of the tube generate complex stimuli while a rippled tightening zone at the entrance will feel great on your shaft.

The Deep Throat Onacup comes ready with lubricant inside it. A unique lotion reservoir helps keeps the point of insertion lubricated, wet and ready for your pleasure.

The TENGA air hole vacuum system allows you to control the air around your shaft.

Experiment with how much you cover Cover the hole to create an intense suction on your penis, or keep the hole uncovered for a more sensual, soft experience.

The Ultra Size has an canal diameter of 0.75 inches un-stretched and an internal length of 6.25 inches meaning that it is perfect for men of a larger size.

Lubrication Ingredients: purified water, glycerine, sodium polyacrylate, phenoxy ethanol, paraben.

*Please note that these products are designed for single use. Use condoms to extend usage.

Size Canal diameter: 0.75, Internal Length: 6.5 inches