Fresh by Leaf Silicone Rechargeable Vibrator

  • Description

Fancily shaped lay-on vibe made of green soft-touch silicone and a "Press-Hold-Button". Keep your finger pressed to the button to increase vibrations.

Each vibrator in the range is made of silicone and is inspired by the natural perfection of the leaf's structure. Staying loyal to their namesake, they are environmentally friendly and contain a lithium rechargeable battery to reduce your carbon footprint.

With its simple, subtle contours and smooth finish Fresh allows for exploration of the body that can only be described as pure comfort. Not only will it fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, it will glide effortlessly over your curves and crevices to deliver ultimate satisfaction.

Every LEAF is waterproof and is easily cleaned.

Comes with linen-bag for storage and charger.

Total size: 7.7 cm long, 6 cm wide