Fetish Fantasy Extreme Total Blackout Latex Hood

  • Description

Experience the thrill of total sensory deprivation with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Total Blackout Inflatable Hood. Not for the faint of heart, this hand-tailored unisex hood is made from high-quality latex and designed for experienced fetish enthusiasts.

A single plastic breathing tube attaches to the mouth of the hood, and with no holes or slits for seeing or breathing, your subject is in complete darkness and silence.

Once inflated, the latex bladders inside the hood apply even pressure around the head, giving the subject a feeling of total sensory deprivation.

The zippered hood inflates using a standard tire-stem valve on the front and can be blown up by mouth, pump or compressor.

To relieve the pressure, simply squeeze the valve stem and the air bladders will deflate.

One size fits most.