CARMEN ELECTRA Electra-Pole Peekaboo Dancing Pole

Carmen Electra
  • Description

It's inspired and endorsed by Hollywood star and professionally-trained-dancer Carmen Electra. It goes up and down in just 5-minutes. It's stable enough to support flips, spins and inverts...

The first professional-standard dance pole designed for use in the home, the Electra-Pole Professional Pole Kit includes:

  • Three finely wrought, slot-together sections for ease of assembly, strength, the ultimate in stability and smooth joins
  • 50mm (1.96'') chrome steel pole – the quality finish that's the choice of the pros
  • Extendable top section – for use on ceilings ranging from 2.2m (7'2'') to 2.6m (8'6'')
  • No ceiling fixings needed – quickly erect and take down your pole without cosmetic damage to your home
  • The option to screw your Electra-Pole into the ceiling for loads of over 100kg (15.6 stone) 
  • Handy Carry & Storage Bag – for convenient portability
  • Easy-to-understand Assembly Guide & DVD – getting started is quick and stress free.


  • When using with plasterboard ceilings the Electra-Pole must always be erected under a ceiling joist.
  • The Electra-Pole should never be extended above 8’ 6’’ (2.6m).
  • The Electra-Pole should never be used with loads greater than 120kg (18.8 stone).
  • The Electra-Pole must be screwed into the ceiling to carry loads over 100kg (15.6 stone).
  • Only use the Electra-Pole to the extent of your own abilities, do not attempt dance moves you are not confident in performing.