Rocks Off - Tear n Share Rudy Rings

  • Description

Have you ever torn and shared a piece of bread with your partner?

The Tear N Share is the world’s first ring for gay couples to Tear N Share at the moment of intimacy.

If not committed then it can be worn on the wrist as a bangle to advertise you’re looking, then just simply Tear N Share when you get lucky!

Produced using medical grade silicone that is very soft and stretchy making Rudy-Rings very comfortable and safe to wear.

Worn around the base of the penis and scrotum Rudy-Rings help maintain erection and give the impression you have gained a couple of inches!

Available in blue and black.

Rudy-Rings are manufactured using medical grade silicone rubber.

It is odourless, very flexible, soft and silky to the touch. Unlike other products it is not smelly or sticky to touch.

Our silicones are the most hyper allergenic used in sex toy production worldwide.

Only use water based lubricants with silicone toys!