The Original Peekaboo Pole Dancing Pole with DVD

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For your private pole dancing show!

Using your sexy lingerie or featuring a hot strip...make him hot!

Chrome plated, extendable dance pole for your private presentations. Pieces easily slot together, so theres no drilling involved. The three piece pole extends up to a height of 2.60 meters, thanks to a spring loaded mechanism in the top section.

Comes with a instruction booklet (in German and English) and a DVD (English) "How To Dance" with assembly introductions, dance presentations and safety advice, a sexy garter and 100 dance dollars.

Packaged in a fabulous looking black tube which can be used for storage, you can keep it tucked well away from prying eyes when you don't need it out. The packaging has been changed to seperate it from the mass market, where it's been sold in Tesco, Ann Summers etc.

Top quality piece of kit, and a great way to keep fit!