Rocks Off Rock Chick - Pink

  • Description
The all new award winning Pink Rock-Chick has arrived!

The new Rock-Chick is more flexible than ever and comes with the all new RO-80mm bullet, probably the most powerful mini vibe in the World!

The now legendary shape is designed for exquisite G spot and clitoral massage. This multi orgasmic combination stimulates you for a truly erotic and sensual experience.

The flexible curve of Rock-Chick allows the hooked shaft to be inserted into the vagina, once inserted rest the head section holding the bullet over the clitoral area.

When positioned a gentle rocking motion from the palm of your hand is all that is required.

Hands Free Orgasms!

Once you get used to the unique movement of Rock-Chick, try Rocking your body against it. Some like to lay back and Rock while others like to sit up and Rock on the edge!

Two experiences for the price of one!

Depending on your mood and the type of stimulation you require Rock-Chick suits all. The RO-80mm bullet can be used on its own for sensual external stimulation or combined with Rock-Chick for a more intimate experience.

100% Waterproof!

Both Rock-Chick and the RO-80mm bullet are 100% waterproof. Take them for a bath and find out for yourself.

Medical silicone that is 100% hypo-allergenic and Phthalate free!

Rock-Chick is easily cleaned with warm soapy water. It is dishwasher friendly and easily sterilised in boiling water once the bullet is removed.

Do not try pulling the bullet out by the cap! Placing the thumb at the base of the bullet slowly start to ease the bullet out of the cavity.

We recommend a small amount of our water based lubricant is used on the bullet to aid removal.

Only use water based lubricants with silicone toys!

1.5V N Size/LR1 battery included

Stop Rabbiting Start Rockin`