2 x Bondage Tape - White + Purple

Bondage Tape
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Welcome to the world of tape bondage, a pleasurable and exotic art form that is to be enjoyed by you and your partner through the pursuit of receiving pleasure.

Bondage Tape is the most exciting product for the fetish and club wear scene for years. Being 2" wide, it bonds, blindfolds, gags, mummifies and ties using a unique self-cling property. Easily and painlessly removed, even on hair!

Bondage Tape can be used to make skirts, dresses, bras, pants or any outfit to suit your imagination.

It sticks to itself - not your skin and it doesn't get tighter once it's on Just wrap it around and off you go....

With some patience you can straighten out used tape and use it again

2 rolls containing 20 meters each!